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Six Most Common Types of Commercial Door Locks

February 15, 2021

There are different kinds of commercial door locks on the market and each has its own features and advantages. If you are going to choose a commercial door lock, it is best to know which one will suit your needs depending on the kind of business you operate and the kind of security you want.

What Is a Commercial Grade Lock?

Door locks are made in varying grades. This means that each has a level of security and reliability. The grade of door locks is determined by its durability, level of strength and the cost. These features tell you exactly what to expect with each grade. Therefore, your purchase should be tailored to your personal needs and budget.
If a door lock is at grade one, this means it can endure about a million or more open and closes. The second and third level locks can open and close to 800,000 times. The grade one lock can withstand up to 10 hits to the knobs: each 75 foot-pounds. Degree one bolt is projected as one inch away from the door. The latch of the one and three degrees is projected as 1.2 inches. For the 75 foot-pounds, the shockproof doorknob grade two lock can withstand five hits, and grade three locks can withstand two hits.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Door Locks?

There are six different types of commercial door locks: namely commercial strike, keyless entry, restricted key systems, magnetic locks, door closers and master key system. The commercial strike locks are operated by electric where you can buzz visitors in. It is installed with either an intercom system or doorbell. This means that visitors must be announced, ring the bell, and then be let in. This type is normally used in daycare centers, doctor’s offices, and law firms. It is a safety mechanism that companies use to keep the employees safe and to know who is coming and going into the building.

The keyless entry is self-explanatory. No one needs a key to enter, but they will need a passcode or security number. The magnetic lock is used when there are no functional levers or doorknobs. The magnet is installed above the frame and operates using a sensor. This kind is usually installed in a revolving door. The restricted key systems are one of the most secured because a limitation is placed on the number of times an authorized person can copy the keys. Door closers are the most common for commercial buildings. It automatically shuts once someone enters. The master key system authorizes specific access to certain areas inside the building. The system records individuals who have received access to a specific area or door.

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What Are the Best Commercial Door Locks?

Schlage BE365 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt System – This lock makes it easy for those who are always forgetting their keys. You can program it and delete any codes you want. It does fit on a standard door.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Fingerprint & Touchscreen Smart Lock – With this one, you will feel very secure because it uses fingerprint technology. No one can enter your home or business without access to the fingerprint sensor.

Haifuan HFAD6300 Digital Door Lock with Remote Control – This one has a digital feature and is great for an office. It uses a remote control to unlock and has other ways to open and unlock.
Yale Security YRD120 Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt System – This lock has program symbols and universal lock. You gain access by using a code with a touchscreen pad.

UltraLOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock with WiFi – This is versatile, giving users up to six ways to open it.

Schlage FE595 Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock – This lock has an easy install and is keyless with programmed access codes.

Are High-Security Locks Worth It?

If you have valuables inside the building, then high-security locks are worth it. Otherwise, they are not because there are other good options. If you want to improve the security of your building, there are other options such as adding deadbolts, but it only works on the inside. You could also choose a lock brand that has high-security features such as the New Schlage Anti-Picks system or the Kwikset Smart Key. You could also add sensors and security cameras as an additional solution.  

Where to Buy Commercial Door Locks?

If you are ready to secure your building, it is time to call a professional who offers expert service to clients. We recommend that you contact us to add another level of security to your business.

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