Master Key Systems in Houston, TX

Tired of calling a locksmith for key replacement in Houston, TX every time a tenant locks themselves out? Need a better lock and key arrangement for your brick-and-mortar business? You can benefit from a universal arrangement, and Express Locksmith can help you install it. We’ll help you get the convenience of this arrangement and explain the benefits so you can maximize them.

hand sticking key into lock to open it

How Does a Master Key System Work?

Master systems like restricted keyway designs in Houston, TX work through a hierarchy. There are many locks involved, with keys that grant different levels of access:

  • Change Keys:

    A change opens one lock. The A Key will open the A Lock, the B will correspond as well and so on.

  • Master Keys:

    A universal copy that opens many locks of the same type. The A Key will open all A Locks, the B will open B and so on.

  • Grand Master Keys:

    This opens all the locks within a specific system. A single version will open all A and B Locks, and so on.

The great thing about these systems is that they can be configured to as many levels as you may need. For example, you might need different lock systems for different properties, with different styles of locks across each of them. We able to create as many systems as you need—even if it means cutting a great, great, great grand master key!

Clients We Serve

We’re capable of installing these systems for all types of commercial clients. We frequently work with apartment complexes, storage facilities, recreational facilities and more—anywhere else there are many locks that need some form of universal backup access.

Get a Master Key System

Wondering if an arrangement is right for your facilities? Contact the experts at Express Locksmith today to learn more. We’ll educate you on the benefits of this arrangement and can install one on your property to improve security and convenience. Contact us today at 832-690-1640 for more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Master Key System?

    This system is an effective keying solution where certain keys are configured to open the locks on multiple doors. You can designate that doors with corresponding locks be opened by specific keys as well as a universal.

    These systems give you control over who can access certain parts of the building. A universal can open multiple locks in your security arrangement while additional keys (known as change keys) open restricted areas.

    This system is mostly used by organizations that want to provide their employees with seamless access control while minimizing the number of circulating keys. It also lowers the costs associated with replacement.

    Can a Universal Key Open Any Lock?

    No. Most people confuse locks that are keyed alike with universal systems. When it comes to a system, we will make you two keys:

    • The change – this type can only open the universal lock, but not the rest of the locks in your premises.
    • The universal – as mentioned, this opens all locks on your premises.

    Mastered locks can be opened with a corresponding tool, which means that if you misplace or lose the designated keys, you can use the universal copy. Non-mastered locks cannot be opened even with a universal.

    How does a Master System Work?

    Most systems use pin tumbler locks that include a driver pin and a key pin. When you insert the right implement, both of these pins are raised and meet at a central ridge that is referred to as the shear line.

    For the universal to work, the locks must be fitted with something called a wafer or a spacer. The hockey puck-shaped spacer is installed between the pin and the driver pin. Once you insert the universal, it raises the pins so that the shear line is at the bottom of the spacer, thus making it possible to turn.

    Can I Buy a Master Key System?

    Yes, you can. However, as with any other keying arrangement, strict control must be enforced with this system. If the universal copy falls into the wrong hands, malicious persons may get into the building. We maintain a high level of security by registering all keys, cylinders, and locks we supply to our clients. This ensures that only you can authorize additional cylinders and keys should need to arise.

    Is It Cheaper to Rekey or Replace Locks?

    When rekeying the locks on your door, the lock mechanism is altered so that your old device can no longer open it. On the other hand, lock replacement is rather self-explanatory: an overhaul of the entire lock arrangement. Due to the low cost of the pins used in locks, rekeying is, in most cases, the cheapest option. Also, you will only need to pay for the labor if you choose to rekey, while you would have to pay for the parts and labor when replacing your locks.

    However, you might want to replace your locks and rekey if you want to upgrade your security system or if you want to replace worn hardware. Replacing your locks also provides you with more customization options.