Steps to Take When You’re Locked Out

December 3, 2019

Picture this: you reach for your keys to unlock your door when you suddenly realize that you don’t have your house key—you’re locked out! What are you supposed to do now? There are several actions you can take after a lockout in Houston, TX, and as experts in the field, we know them all. Keep reading to learn what you can do after you lock yourself out of your home:

  • Call a locksmith: Your best bet after you lock yourself out is to find a locksmith to open up your door. Professional locksmiths work quickly to unlock any type of door or lock. Though the service isn’t free, you can rest easy knowing that your locksmith will arrive promptly to open your door.
  • Call a neighbor: If you’ve given a spare key to a trusted neighbor, give them a call to retrieve your key. Obviously, this one only works if your neighbors are home. At Express Locksmith, we’re available around the clock to assist in emergencies, so there’s no need to worry whether or not someone will be able to help you out.
  • Check other doors: Let’s hope that only your front door was unlocked! Go around your house and try back doors, side doors or the garage. If your attached garage has a keypad system on the door, you can hopefully gain entry through your garage.
  • Try a window: You might also be able to get into your home by sneaking in through one of your windows. Of course, the window would have to be unlocked for this to work, which poses another safety issue that you will want to address in the future!
  • Use your credit card: Your credit card isn’t just useful in the checkout lane at the store—if you have a door with a standard spring bolt, you may be able to open it using your card. Slide the card between the latch and the doorframe, and wiggle the card against the lock. As you wiggle the card, start putting all of your bodyweight against the door. If done correctly, the door should open!

Prevent future lockouts

The good news is that preventing a lockout in Houston, TX in the first place is easier than dealing with a lockout situation. Take these actions now and you’ll never get locked out again:

  • Hide a spare key: You can never have too many spare keys made for your home or car! We recommend making a few spare keys for your house and hiding one somewhere outside. You could also invest in a secure lockbox to store your spare key by your front door.
  • Upgrade to keyless entry: Instead of using a standard key, a keyless entry system has a set code that opens the door once the correct code is entered. Though they’re not exactly cheap, keyless entry systems provide peace of mind that you’ll never be locked out again.

Whether you’re experiencing a lockout in Houston, TX and need someone to open your door or you need a new spare key made, be sure to choose Express Locksmith for all of your locksmith needs. Our fast services and competitive prices make us the area’s premier residential locksmith!

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