Kids and Cars Program in Houston, TX

Express Locksmith strives to be more than a trusted mobile locksmith—we work hard to be a valued member of our local Houston, TX community. That means providing reliable service and contributing to the overall well being of our friends, neighbors and associates. To do this, we take an active role in charitable giving. We’re proud to be strong supporters of Kids and Cars.

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Kids and Cars Program

About Kids and Cars

Kids and Cars is an organization dedicated to protecting children from the many dangers of being left unattended in or around a motor vehicle. The organization documents statistics from injuries and fatalities to create empowering campaigns that help parents and drivers realize the potential for harm their vehicles pose to unattended children.

The goal of Kids and Cars is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths to zero by bringing awareness to the ways in which parents can protect their children.

Why We Support Kids and Cars

As a mobile and residential locksmith in a major city like Houston, TX, we understand all too well the dangers of children left in unattended vehicles. We’ve been called to sites where kids are locked in cars in dangerous temperatures, or where lockouts have put kids at risk. We believe strongly in safe practices when it comes to children and automobiles and work hard to educate our customers on how they can protect themselves and their kids from the unthinkable.

In delivering mobile lockout services, we’re doing our part to reduce hot car scares, power window strangulations, trunk entrapment and other dangerous situations for kids in cars.

Help us Support a Great Cause!

In working with Express Locksmith, you’re making a conscious choice to also support Kids and Cars. We donate actively to this cause and are evangelists for their methods and practices. Working with us means helping contribute to a mission of zero child fatalities as the result of vehicle hazards.

To learn more about our support for this organization, please contact us at 832-690-1640. To learn more about Kids and Cars, visit the organization’s website.

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