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Have you been locked out of your home or car recently? Worry not, it happens all the time, and it can happen to anyone and at any time. Besides, with Locksmith Texas, you rest assured your problem will be sorted. We provide our service across Texas City. In Bobville, Texas, we offer a wide range of services, including master key, re-key, car locksmith, keyless, and remote car keys services. Are you experiencing any lockout? Give us a call today, and we will avail of our services 24/7 at your doorstep.

Auto Locksmith In Bobville, Texas

Did you just get locked out of your car? At Express Locksmith, we know this situation can be extremely stressful. However, with our mobility services, we can now provide our assistant to you at any time across Texas. We are capable of opening all types of car locks. You may wonder, “how long will it take to open my car?” This will entirely depend on the kind of car lock. However, do not worry as we will give you the approximate time needed to sort out your car issue.

Ignition Lockouts

Are you currently experiencing a car ignition problem? There is nothing good about having your ignition failing to start. Without your car ignition turning on, you are going nowhere. Are you experiencing a temporary or permanent ignition problem? For temporary, you can always wait a few minutes and then try again, however, for a permanent locksmith specialist.

As a mobile service provider in Houston, TX, we can solve your ignition lockout problem at any place around the city. However, if your lockout resulted from being drunk, it is best to call for a cab even after solving your problem.

Door Lockouts

Have you just locked your keys inside your car? This type of lockout is prevalent, especially if your car has automatic door locks. At Express Locksmith, we have you covered. We provide this type of service when and where you need them. It does not matter whether you forgot your key on the car seat, ignition, or just lost them; we will provide the help you need.

Trunk Lockouts

Are you having trouble opening your trunk? Worry not, as we provide auto locksmith service, we will get your trunk opened in just a few minutes. Call us, and let’s assist you in solving this issue.

Smart Keys

Is your car new, or did you buy it a few years ago? It may have a smart key that activates locks via chips. If you have been locked out and have these keys, Express Locksmith can help you unlock your doors. We will be able to replicate the signal, and your doors will pop wide open.

Key Replacements

Did you lose your car keys? At Express Locksmith, we can help. Among our auto services is complete key replacement. We offer this service to a variety of car brands, such as smart keys.

Residential Locksmith Services In Bobville Texas

Your door locks are supposed to keep you safe, and not trapped outside of your own house. However, due to the instances of key getting lost, we often find ourselves in such awkward situations. If your locks have decided to lock you out, we are just a call away. As we provide our services 24/7, we will be available at any time you need us. Do not let frustrations overwhelm you.

Emergency Services

There is no lockout situation that is not urgent, requiring emergency services. It does not matter the time of the day or night you have been locked out. We are proud to offer residential locksmith services in Bobville, Texas.

Key Duplication

Do you need an extra key made for a new family member, or just for safekeeping? We provide such services and have made them convenient for you as we are just a call away.


Did you recently move to a new house or lost your keys? In both instances, your locks may be compromised. Call us today and let us change the tumbler combination of your locks to ensure your safety. It is a simple process and does not consume much time or money as lock replacement.

Lock Replacement

Are your locks damaged, or just old? They need a replacement. We will suggest a variety of reliable locks for you. You are safe with us as we are very discrete with personal information. We are the best choice you got for immediate lock replacement as we have ready experts at your disposal.

    Master Key Systems & Lock Installations In Bobville, Texas

    Are you tired of calling for help with a lock replacement in Bobville, Texas?

    Call us today, and we will provide you with a better key and lock arrangement for your business. We will explain to you how you could maximize their benefits. At Locksmith Bobville, Texas, we provide you with the best key and lock arrangement to avoid continually changing your locks.

    Activities & Points Of Interest In Bobville, Texas

    During our time in Aldine, TX, we have fallen in love with the local area. In our free time, there are a few locations that have become our favorites. Some of these examples include:

    Bernhardt Winery

    Are you looking for the best winery company in Houston? This winery is located at the rolling hills of Plantersville, Northwest of Houston. You can visit them, or even order online, and they will deliver it to you at your convenience.

    Jollisant Farms

    Pick your own chemical-free grown vegetables, at Jollista farm, where they use homegrown blackberries and strawberries and honey to make healthy frozen delights. Are you located in Bobville, Texas, and want a taste of delicacy? Order online, and they will deliver to your doorstep. This farm is interested in providing healthy delicacies by using organically homegrown fruits and vegetables.

    Dobbin City Hall Biergarten

    Would you like to experience the pride of Texas hospitality without touring all cities? Dobbin City Hall Bier Garten is your best shot at having the best experience of Texas hospitality. From the building structure to its food, it is full of Texas pride.

    Rafter K Ranch

    Rafter K Ranch is another place to explore while in Texas. It is another excellent site that will give you the experience of interacting with horses. If you like horses, this is an excellent spot for you to check out.

    Edgebrook Equestrian Center

    This is a family-owned business located in Montgomery, Texas. They are interested in offering a boarding facility as well as english western riding lessons. Are you interested in learning how to ride a horse? This is your best opportunity, visit them today, and they can offer the best services. This center provides lessons to children and adults, beginners, and advanced skilled riders.

    Blackwood Educational Land Institute

    Blackwood Educational Land Institute is a non-profit organization providing summer holiday activities. They primarily concentrate on agricultural activities, and also want to educate children on the importance of embracing agriculture, removing any negativity around it. Register today, and discover the greatness of agriculture.

    Need a Locksmith in Bobville, Texas

    Need door ignition unlock in the 77316 area? Give us a call today at Express Locksmith, and have your locks and ignition problem solved.