Dodge Key & Key Fob Replacement

Cutting keys, programming fobs, and more cannot be done just anywhere. If your key broke inside of the ignition or you lost your fob, it’s critical that you work with a professional locksmith that you can trust.

At Express Locksmith Houston, we’re the one and only call that you need to make. We can provide you with a Dodge key replacement in minutes with our advanced mobile equipment. We can provide a Dodge key fob replacement in no time so that it is programmed specifically for your vehicle.

Whether you have an older model Dodge or one of the latest models, we can provide the locksmith services that you can depend on. Most importantly, if you’re stranded because of a key or fob issue, we have 24/7 emergency services so you can get on the road quickly.

Dodge Key Fob Replacement

In many of today’s vehicles, the key fob is the one and only thing you need. It can provide you with the ability to lock and unlock your doors and even start your Dodge remotely.

You might need a Dodge key fob replacement if it gets lost or if you want a spare to give to a significant other.

If you have your fob but it’s not working, it may be that the battery died.

Regardless of what the problem might be, you can call us. We’ll figure out what is going on and provide you with a fast solution.

Simply have your VIN ready and be prepared to show proof of ownership. Then, our locksmiths will do what they do best and provide you with a replacement and program the fob to your vehicle.

Can I Replace the Batteries in My Dodge Key Fob?

Absolutely! And, you’ll need to on occasion. Dodge estimates that a battery will last between one and two years. This depends on where you keep your fob and how often you use it. The further you are from the fob when you use it, the more battery it can drain.

The good news is that a reminder will usually pop up on the dash when the battery is low. However, if you ignore those reminders for too long, your fob will simply stop working – and if your Dodge model doesn’t use a key at all, it can leave you stranded.

Replacing the battery will involve removing a section of the casing. Most Dodge fobs will take a CR2032 battery, but your owner’s manual will tell you what battery you’ll need.

Once you have the new battery in place, you’ll need to reprogram it due to the auto-reset feature.

If the process is too overwhelming or you get stuck along the way, call us. Our technicians can handle a battery replacement and reprogramming fast so you can begin using your fob once again.

How Much Does a Dodge Key Fob Replacement Cost?

A Dodge key fob replacement has the potential to cost a few hundred dollars when you visit a dealership. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Inexperience at the process
  • Advanced programming needs
  • Use of genuine OEM parts
  • Expensive hourly rates

When you work with us at Express Locksmith Houston, we use aftermarket fobs for Dodge and other top manufacturers. We have experience working with this kind of technology, so we can handle the programming in no time at all.

Should you have a key as part of the unit, we’ll cut the teeth into the key, too. All of our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to speed up the process.

We’ll have your keys and/or fob replaced quickly – and it may cost up to half of what the dealership would have charged you.

To be sure what the cost is going to be, have the year, make, and model of your vehicle ready. Call us and we can provide you with a quote over the phone.

Replace Your Dodge Keys or Key Fobs with Express Locksmith Houston

Not having a key or a key fob for your Dodge can leave you stranded. You might not be able to unlock the trunk, get into the backseat, or drive anywhere.

We understand the frustration when you can’t access your vehicle. Dodge has been around for a while and our experienced locksmiths can provide the services you need whether it’s an older model Dodge or one of the latest ones with smart key technology.

Call us today to let us help you cut new keys, replace key fobs, and much more.