Restricted Keyway Master Systems in Houston, TX

Keeping your home or business safe is one of your top priorities. Your first line of defense against intruders will be the high-security lock system you have in place on entrances throughout the property. Utilizing sophisticated master key systems will increase your level of security. One such system is the restricted keyway master system. This quick guide will give you more information concerning this great security option. Keep reading to learn more from Express Locksmith.

Restricted Keyway Master Systems

What Is a Restricted Keyway Master System?

Restricted key systems use keys that are patent protected as well as lock barrels in order to restrict any access to a property. The system accomplishes this by stopping the unauthorized duplication of keys. A patented key will only be available through an approved selling agent. This means that the average person cannot simply visit a hardware store and have a copy of the key made. Even sophisticated cutting shops will be unable to duplicate the keys.

How Is Authorization Granted?

To increase the level of security, authorization for a key cut must be granted by letter or order that is officially signed by a signatory within the system. This means that when you first set up your restricted key system, you will establish who will be authorized signatories. These individuals are the only people who may grant permission for a key to be cut.

You should only choose people who are trusted to hold this responsibility.

How Many Keys Can Be Cut?

The number of keys that can be cut using this system will be up to you as the owner. It is recommended that there be a limited number of keys in circulation, though.  Limiting the number of keys that are in circulation will ensure that you can keep track of who holds access at all times.

Is This Different From Keyed Alike Systems?

Yes, there are some differences. A keyed alike system is a key system in which all locks are keyed to one master. This is also a good way to increase the level of security on a property because the key is limited to one person. However, there are limitations to this system in the event that you do need more than one person to have access at a time.

Restricted key systems will have individual keys for different locks, but copies cannot be made without authorization.

What About Master Key Systems?

Master key systems are another good option for security as well. A master key system will provide for a master key to access many different locks on a property. For instance, a landlord can hold a master key that will unlock all the properties, but each tenant also holds an individual key that will only open their door.

A master key system is very useful for people who are operating properties with multiple locks. A master key system can be on a restricted system as well. This means that the master key and other keys can only be duplicated with authorization.

How Can I Get This System Set Up?

If you are interested in getting a restricted keyway master system set up, you will need to contact a local locksmith that specializes in these types of systems in Houston, TX. These professionals can get the high-security locks installed and educate you on how to monitor the duplication of future keys.