Key Fob Programming & Replacement in Houston, TX

Key fob replacement for nonfunctioning smart keys requires a special skill set. At Express Locksmith in Houston, TX, we keep up with the latest technology so that our technicians can meet customer needs. We have a full range of automotive locksmith services. However, we are well-known for our key-fob and smart-key mastery. Let us help you fix or reprogram your fob today.

Key Fob Programming

Key fobs are great when it comes to convenience, but losing a fob can be a pain in the neck. If you need a key fob replacement or have a fob you need programmed, Express Locksmith Houston can help.

Express Locksmith

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to leave your keys in the car. Don’t get frustrated, call Express Locksmith in Houston for mobile assistance in recovering your keys. When your fob stops working or your child locks the keys in the trunk, our licensed and insured locksmiths can retrieve them in minutes.

Get to a safe place and call us for fast services, whether you’re in your driveway, a dark parking lot or at the office. We also come to your home when you need a full-service residential locksmith. Getting locked out of your home immediately raises your anxiety levels. That’s why our emergency locksmith services are available day and night.

Newer vehicles have smart keys that lock and unlock your car using microchip technology. If you get locked out of your vehicle, we can reproduce the signal and unlock the door. We also reprogram fobs that no longer work.

With traditional keys, it’s relatively easy to make a copy. However, only specially trained locksmiths know how to reprogram your fob or transponder. You can go to the dealership, but they often charge an exorbitant fee. Another option is calling an experienced automotive locksmith to replace it for you, with or without the code.

  • Key Fob Programming

    A key fob contains a remote control in the head. Reprogramming these keys often requires professional vehicle locksmiths. Whether or not your’s has has a transponder chip, our locksmiths can get it reprogrammed and working again. When it works, you can conveniently access your trunk, panic alarm and car locks and, in some models, start the engine remotely. Our trained fob programmers can program your fob when it loses the signal.

    We won’t give up until we’ve tried every trick we know to ensure that you have a good outcome.

    What Is a Key Fob?

    Key fobs are the little devices that people use to unlock their cars without putting the key in the door lock. These fobs work by sending out a radio frequency which is then picked up by your car’s lock system, signaling the locks to open. This might not seem like a big deal, but fobs have become a part of our daily lives, so having to switch back to manually unlocking car doors can be a huge hassle.

    In addition to unlocking car doors, fobs can also be used for home security systems and just about any other type of electronic lock system. There are even key fobs that only allow doors to unlock when the fob is within a certain range.

We Carry Key Fobs for the Following Vehicle Makes

Different makes and models of cars have different key fobs. Express Locksmith Houston carries options for dozens of brands. There are standard remotes that include a door lock and unlock button, a panic button and a truck remote. They are distinct in that the key-piece and remote are separate. Flip fobs, also called switchblade keys, are slightly different. You simply push the button and the key-piece appears, much like a switchblade. The key and remote form a single unit.

  • Remote head keys are keys with the remote and keys as part of the same unit, with the metallic key-blade attached to the head, which contains the electronics. Smart remotes often have push buttons start functionality. These fobs are becoming more common as more car manufacturers adopt the technology. Not all locksmiths can repair and replace newer models, but our Express Locksmith technicians can.
  • Whether you own a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or Ford car or truck, you can trust us to get you into your vehicle and get your fob working. We carry both foreign and domestic brands such as Honda, Lincoln, Mercury, Toyota, Mazda, Scion and Acura. Car owners looking for help with their Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Infiniti vehicles trust us with their imported or customized vehicles with key fobs.
  • Other makes and models that we carry include Cadillac, Buick, Hyundai, GMC and Chevrolet. Some of our returning customers include cars from every size and shape such as Isuzu, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes and Mini Cooper. If you have a Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saturn, Subaru or Suzuki, call Express Locksmith to fix your key-fob in Houston, TX.

How Do I Replace a Key Fob Battery?

A dead fob battery is one of the worst feelings, especially if you have a newer car and you don’t normally carry your keys around. Fobs can also be used to unlock home security systems, so it’s important to know they have plenty of battery at all times. Though fob batteries are expensive, they also last quite a while.

Fortunately, replacing a battery isn’t very difficult. Most fobs have a small cover on the back which is usually held in by a small screw. When you loosen this screw, you can remove the cover and change the battery inside the key fob. The tricky part is making sure you get the right battery; most fobs use either a CR2025 or CR2032 battery.

If you’re not comfortable replacing a key fob battery on your own, you can take it to a locksmith or another professional to have the battery changed.

How Much Does a Key Fob Cost?

One interesting thing about fobs is the fact that they’re very affordable. As a matter of fact, the low price of fobs makes it hard to understand why they can be so difficult to program. Oftentimes, the real cost of a fob comes in the form of having it programmed, so it actually works with your car or home security system.

If you’re talking about a replacement fob for a car, you can usually find one for around $50. However, the price of a fob depends on what it’s designed to work with, so you may find that replacing fobs costs more when you own a high-end car. There are also older or limited-edition vehicles that can be tough to find a key fob for, which is another thing that can increase the price.
The cost of programming a key fob can also vary quite a bit depending on the situation. If the installation goes smooth, you can get your key fob programmed for about the same price as the fob itself costs. However, more difficult jobs are going to cost a little more, especially if your key fob couldn’t be programmed and had to be replaced with a different fob.

Key Fob Replacement

Contact Express Locksmith online today with questions about replacement and reprogramming services. You can call us 24/7 for emergency car and residential locksmith services in the Greater Houston Area. Call (832) 690-1640 for immediate service if you need help.

Why Work with Us?

Security is important, whether you’re talking about your car or your home. Having working locks with functional key fobs is an important part of making sure your home and car are both secure. If you’re in need of a replacement key fob or you have a key fob you can’t program, contact us at Express Locksmith to get help today.


  1. What is key fob programming, and why is it necessary?

    • Key fob programming is the process of syncing a new or replacement key fob with a vehicle’s security system. It’s necessary when you get a new key fob, replace a lost or damaged one, or when the fob stops working. Proper programming ensures that the key fob can communicate with your vehicle and perform its intended functions, like unlocking and starting the car.
  2. Can I program a key fob myself, or do I need a professional locksmith or dealer?

    • The ability to program a key fob yourself depends on your vehicle’s make and model. Some modern cars have user-friendly programming instructions in the owner’s manual, while others require specialized equipment and skills, making it a job for a professional locksmith or the dealership. It’s essential to check your vehicle’s specific requirements before attempting DIY programming.
  3. How much does key fob programming cost?

    • The cost of key fob programming varies depending on where you get it done. If you do it yourself, the cost might be minimal, typically limited to the price of the replacement fob and any necessary tools or software. Professional programming services can range from $50 to $150 or more, depending on the complexity and your location. Dealer programming can sometimes be more expensive.
  4. What should I do if I lose my key fob, and can I program a replacement myself?

    • If you lose your key fob, it’s important to act quickly to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle. In most cases, you’ll need to get a replacement key fob from your car manufacturer or a licensed dealership. While some fobs can be self-programmed, you should check your owner’s manual or consult with your dealer to determine the appropriate course of action.
  5. Is key fob programming the same for all car makes and models?

    • No, key fob programming is not the same for all vehicles. Each car manufacturer and model may have specific programming procedures and requirements. Some key fobs use simple DIY methods, while others require specialized diagnostic tools and software. Always refer to your vehicle’s documentation or consult a professional for guidance on your specific make and model.