Residential Locksmith in Houston, TX

The locks on your home are meant to protect you, but even the best of us can get locked out. If your locks are keeping you from getting into your own home, give Express Locksmith a call. We’re a full-service emergency locksmith in Houston, TX who can come to your aid day or night. Let us make your frustrating, scary situation a short-lived one.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service:

    Lockouts are never convenient. Whether you’re locked out after a long day at work or step out in the middle of the night without your keys, we’re there for you. We’re proud to be a residential locksmith in Houston, TX with a reputation for fast response times and prompt service. We’ll make sure you’re not locked out of your home any longer than you have to be.

  • Key Duplication:

    Need a spare key made for a family member or just for safekeeping? We’re able to make duplicates quickly and conveniently for you. From your door locks to your deadbolts, it’s never a bad idea to have a spare set of keys on-hand, in a safe place or with a person you trust.

  • Lock Replacement:

    Old or damaged locks need to be replaced right away. They could leave your home vulnerable. We can recommend reliable lock changes and deadbolts, and install them for you to protect your property. Trust us to get all hardware installed safely and correctly, so your new locks start protecting you immediately.

  • Rekeying:

    If you’ve recently moved into a home or lost your keys, your locks could be compromised. Rekeying changes the tumbler combination of your locks, without changing the hardware itself. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to make sure your locks are protecting you fully.

    Contact Our Home Locksmiths

    No matter the issue with your home’s locks, Express Locksmith will resolve it. From new keys and locks, to rekeying or simple door unlocking, our mission is to get you back into your home safely. Contact us today at 832-690-1640 for more information about how we can assist you.