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There are times when you might need a residential and automotive locksmith while in an emergency. You never know when these things are going to happen, and so it is best for you to secure a dedicated and reliable locksmith before anything like this does take place.

Not all locksmiths in Grangerland, Texas are going to provide the same level of service that you may want so it is best to get to know your locksmith so you can have that phone number to call when you get locked out of your house or car at weird hours of the night — your safety depends on it. Get a locksmith now so you have time to do your due diligence and vetting for that future emergency.

Auto Locksmith in Grangerland, Texas

At Express Locksmith in Grangerland, Texas we have been in the business for years and have the kind of reputation, experience and expertise that will grab your attention. The trained eyes and experience of our locksmith team puts the company in a league of our own. Your safety is the ultimate focus, and the company works hard to make sure you get out of sticky situations quickly and back on the road driving. Contact the professionals today if you are locked out of your vehicle or home for whatever reasons.

Ignition Lockouts

A locksmith will often use a wedge or slim-jim to access your vehicle when the key has been locked in the ignition. However, there are other advanced tools that can work as well. It takes a trained technician to determine the right type of tool to use according to the design of your vehicle. In the case where a slim-jim or wedge does not work, the trained and experienced locksmith will use a lock pick tool. On other occasions, the pick gun machine is another viable option to get inside of the car.

Door Lockouts

Have you been locked out of your vehicle or home before and do not know who to call? Well, it is best to have a locksmith in mind when these things do happen — and you never know when they will. Call us at Express Locksmith to find a locksmith that can open both car doors and house doors.

Trunk Lockouts

If you get locked out of your car trunk, you do want to call on a qualified and skilled locksmith that has opened hundreds of trunks for other motorists. You should contact a locksmith that offers fast response time, on-site inspection, and affordable pricing. Every car trunk is different and must be handled differently. Do not try to open the locked trunk on your own. More importantly, automatic trunk mechanisms do not behave the same way as normal lock mechanisms. In most cases, you must enter the inside of the car to access the trunk. A good locksmith can get this done for you.

Smart Keys

With a smart key, you can take the technology for keyless entry to the next level. You will be able to go in and out of your vehicle without having a key. The smart key will allow you to even start the ignition without using the traditional key. The smart key comes with a special chip that is only recognizable to the vehicle programmed for use.

Key Replacements

If you happened to have lost a set of keys, you can get a locksmith to provide key replacement services where your new keys can be programmed to match the vehicle. The lost key would be de-programmed, making it useless to anyone who may find it.

Residential Locksmith Services in Grangerland, Texas

Have you ever lost your front door key and forgot what you did with it? It can be quite troubling when you cannot get inside of your house. Or perhaps you are aware of where the keys are but are unable to access them because they are locked in the home, then you should pick up the telephone and contact us at Express Locksmith for residential locksmith services in Grangerland, Texas for help. Do not panic because help is just a phone call away.

Emergency Services

You should consider a locksmith service that provides emergency response where you are probably on the highway stranded and cannot get into your vehicle. You should have a locksmith that has opened 24/7 and can get to you within a half an hour of your call. And you need one that can get inside of your vehicle without damaging it because of the experience and the necessary tools to get it done efficiently.

Key Duplication

With key duplication, locksmiths make a new key from the old one. So, the existing key would be used as the sample. The new key is cut using a key duplicator machine.


With rekeying, the existing lock and pins are removed from the door or the door handle. The pins removed are replaced with the new pins and with new configuration. The lock removed is replaced into the door or door handle.

Lock Replacement

You can get your lock replaced, but you can also have it rekeyed, which is a little cheaper. However, a locksmith can do both, depending on your needs and preference.

    Master Key Systems & Lock Installations in Grangerland, Texas

    Not all locksmiths offer master key system solutions. This is important because of its advanced technology and ease of use to get you out of a bad situation sooner. In addition, a master key system keeps buildings safe because of special authorized use and knowing who goes in and out of a building at a given time.

    Helpful Resources in Grangerland, Texas

    We have listed some helpful resources below that you can take advantage of if you need any of these services. These include how to pay traffic fines and your vehicle registration.

    Montgomery County DMV

    If you live in Montgomery County and need to renew a driver’s license, get a new one, or get a car registration, the DMV office is available for access between the hours of 8AM to 5PM. It is near residents of Spring, Texas. Visit the website here.

    Paying Traffic Fines

    Do you have a traffic ticket or other traffic fines that need to be paid? You have different payment options such as online payment, mailing and in-person payment. Do not delay paying your traffic fines or you will have to suffer the consequences such as suspension of your driver’s license or additional payment. Visit the website to pay your traffic fines.

    Montgomery Traffic Fines

    The Montgomery Department of Motor Vehicle is where you will go to pay your traffic fines if you live in Spring, TX, Granger land, TX, or the surrounding areas. Yes, you can go to the courthouse, but why do that when you can visit the DMV. On this website, you can also get traffic alerts. Click here to get more details.

    Montgomery County Vehicle Registration

    For vehicle registration, you must go to the Montgomery County Department of Motor Vehicles. Make sure to arrive early to avoid the long lines. Visit the website to learn more.

    Need a locksmith in Grangerland, TX?

    You do not have to feel as if you are alone when you get locked out of your home or car. A reliable locksmith in 77306 is only a phone call away. And, you can have one arrive within minutes of your phone call. However, you must have the phone number readily available so you can make the call and get out of your dire situation sooner.
    Get a locksmith that offers fast response times when you call, affordable pricing, and quality hardware for durable keys that will last for years to come. Contact Express Locksmith now.