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How to Replace a Lost Nissan Car Key

February 22, 2021

How to Replace a Lost Nissan Car Key

If you drive a Nissan and lose your key, there are a few options out there to replace it. Your choice of solution will depend on how urgent it is to get the replacement and how much you are willing to pay. Before you decide how to get a replacement, make sure you check the terms of any vehicle warranty or insurance associated with your car. Key replacement may be covered or included, so checking is worth the money it may save you.

If your Nissan model is from 1998 or prior, getting a replacement key is not that difficult. A local hardware store or locksmith can copy your existing spare. If you only have one key, you will need to work with an automotive locksmith to get a replacement. This may also be true for Nissan models that are after 1998 but are more than ten years old.e

For newer Nissans, you have three options. You can always take your car to a Nissan dealer and get the new key made there. This is generally the most expensive option. Depending on the circumstances around losing your key, you may also need to tow your vehicle to the dealership, which will add to your expense if it’s not covered by insurance or a roadside assistance policy.

Another option is to buy a key online and take it to a dealership or qualified locksmith for programming and cutting (if applicable). While this option may save some money, it comes with its own issues. It’s not the most efficient or fast way to get a replacement and getting an off-brand key or fob is best done when you have already found someone who has the proper programming equipment to handle the post-sale set-up.

Finally, you can work with a local, knowledgeable locksmith who can handle every aspect of getting your key replacement done in a convenient, timely, and cost-effective way. If you are trying to replace a lost key in a hurry or while you are on the road, they can come to you and are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cost is reasonable, and letting an expert handle it will give you peace of mind.

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