What to Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Apartment

September 13, 2019

Check for an Unlocked Door or Window

Before you try to bust your front door open or call someone for your spare key, take a moment to look for another way into your apartment. This is easier for units with multiple entrances and for units on the ground floor. See if there’s an unlocked window or door. Live in a high-rise apartment? You may ne out of luck, and will just have to call for help.

Call for a Locksmith

If you live by yourself, the leasing office is closed and there is no way into your apartment, then the best viable option is to find an apartment locksmith in Houston, TX. However, this should be a last resort reentry option. For one thing, your landlord might charge you a fee for changing the lock, and the cost for any damages done to the door during the service might be taken out your security deposit. Regardless, if you’re going to call on a locksmith to get back into your home, make sure you hire a reputable professional who comes highly recommended.

Double-check your bag and pockets

Before taking any drastic measures, make sure to thoroughly check your bag, pockets, and other belongings. It’s not uncommon for keys to end up in unexpected places. Retracing your steps might save you from the hassle of a lockout.

Consider a spare key stash

If you frequently find yourself forgetting your keys, consider setting up a spare key stash in a secure location outside your apartment. Ensure it’s well-concealed and known only to you or a trusted friend.

Digital key solutions

Some apartment complexes offer digital key solutions that allow residents to unlock doors using their smartphones. Check with your leasing office to see if this option is available and how you can set it up.

Emergency locksmith contacts

Research and save the contact information of reliable locksmiths in your area beforehand. A list of trusted professionals can save you time and stress during an emergency.

Update your emergency contacts

Keep your leasing office updated with your current contact information and emergency contacts. This ensures a smoother process if you ever find yourself locked out, especially during non-business hours.

You can always count on express Locksmith to send an experienced apartment locksmith in Houston, TX your way in the a lockout. Call us any time if you need out help.

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