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Key Cloning vs. Key Cutting

January 31, 2020

When you get locked out of your car or need a new key made for your vehicle, you probably know to call a locksmith—but you might not know exactly what a locksmith does to create a key. There are two basic processes that locksmiths use to create replacement keys: key cloning and key cutting in Houston, TX. Read on to find out more about these two processes and some of the pros and cons of each. What is key cloning? With key cloning, locksmiths use the data that’s embedded in the transponder to create a new key that replicates the... View Article

Why You Should Rekey Your Home or Business

January 29, 2020

Having to rekey the locks at your home or business might seem like an inconvenience, but there are a variety of reasons why it could be greatly beneficial to you as a property owner. Here are just a few examples of some of the most common reasons why people decide to rekey their business or invest in new keys for their home in Houston, TX: You recently purchased a new property: If you’re the brand-new owner of a home or business, then it’s important you rekey the property as soon as possible. You never know who else might have keys... View Article

The Steps to Changing a Lock

January 15, 2020

Changing locks is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your home safety. It can also be an upgrade that greatly improves convenience—it can be quite annoying to have different keys for different doors to your house, and if you have locks that have been sticking, swapping them out will make for much better functionality and much less frustration. While you always have the option to hire a professional locksmith to come out and change the locks at your house, you can also change some simple deadbolts yourself even if you don’t have any experience doing this... View Article

Why Have a Spare Key Made?

December 17, 2019

As a general rule, we recommend that everyone in your family have their own key to your home. Along with a key for each family member, we also advise that each homeowner make a few spare keys to hide or give out to trustworthy neighbors. Keep reading to learn more about key replacement in Houston, TX and the benefits of spare keys: Prevent lockouts: The number one reason we get phone calls is to help folks who are locked out of their house. If these homeowners had a spare key hidden somewhere, they’d never get locked out. Instead of waiting... View Article

Steps to Take When You’re Locked Out

December 3, 2019

Picture this: you reach for your keys to unlock your door when you suddenly realize that you don’t have your house key—you’re locked out! What are you supposed to do now? There are several actions you can take after a lockout in Houston, TX, and as experts in the field, we know them all. Keep reading to learn what you can do after you lock yourself out of your home: Call a locksmith: Your best bet after you lock yourself out is to find a locksmith to open up your door. Professional locksmiths work quickly to unlock any type of... View Article

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