How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Door

May 26, 2020

Opening the front door with your house key is almost second nature, but sometimes, this very routine part of your day goes awry, and you find yourself holding only half of your key, with the other half still lodged inside of the lock. Luckily, there are a few tried and true key removal tips in Houston, TX that you can follow to get a broken key out of a door.

Before attempting to remove the key

Your instinct might be to use the half of the key that is in your hand and apply pressure to the half that is stuck in the lock, trying to twist it to get the door to open. However, this will actually cause you more of a headache, causing the half in the lock to get lodged even further inside, making it way more difficult to remove.

Instead, gather tools that might be helpful in removing the lock, including a tool with a pointed edge, such as needle nose pliers, tweezers or nail scissors. If you are lucky enough to have a professional key extractor on hand, that would be best. You can also create one yourself by using a small jigsaw or hacksaw blade. Super glue or a drill can be used as a last resort, so if these other items are not available, gather one of those as a last-ditch option for broken key removal in Houston, TX.

Removing the key

The best tip is to be careful, both with the tools and to make sure you do not push the broken part of the key further into the lock. Removing the key will only work if the cut side of the key is facing up, so do not attempt to turn it. Before using any tools, try tapping the lock, which may help the key slide out with just your strength and a lubricant.

Removing the key will depend on the tool. Needle nose pliers, small scissors or tweezers should be carefully placed along the sides of the key, gently pinched and then pulled out slowly. A professional key extractor or the jigsaw or hacksaw blade will also be inserted next to the key, then slightly twisted and pulled to catch the hook on the teeth of the key. Super glue, while generally not recommended, can be used if you’re in a tough spot by dabbing a small amount of glue to the end of a wire and pressing it against the key, being careful not to get glue in the lock. Overall, whichever method you use, know that it is a tricky process, and calling a professional is likely to be the best solution—sometimes, the added cost is worth it to ensure the job is done efficiently and successfully.

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