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How Do I Get a New/Extra/Replacement Key for My Chevy?

April 14, 2021

Replacing or duplicating the keys for your Chevy vehicle does not have to be a stressful task. Understanding the part that your keys play in your vehicle operation will help you figure out what is the best method for getting new keys in a cost-effective, low-stress way.

The most important information to know is the year your car was built. For classic Chevys, just getting a duplicate metal key is all you will need. A dealership or just about any locksmith can do this, but you’ll need to have proof of ownership and a key to duplicate. For this reason, getting multiple duplicates done before you misplace a key is ideal.

For Chevys built prior to 2006, you may have a fob with a pop-out key in the fob. The metal key can be duplicated onto a regular metal key, but having the fob will still be necessary to actually start the car. The metal key on its own will allow you to lock and unlock the car but check with your dealer or your owner’s manual on the importance of having a working fob also.

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If you require a replacement or duplicate fob, there are a couple of different options available. First, check your vehicle warranty, because you may find that duplicate or replacement keys are covered. Your dealership can order you factory-approved keys and fobs for no additional cost. It’s best to know this information as soon as possible so that if you lose your Chevy keys you won’t have to find out how to get replacements at that time. Also, check with your insurance company or roadside assistance policy to see if they cover the cost of replacing a lost key. For any replacement, you will need to have your VIN, proof of ownership, and identification.

Getting replacement fobs can be done through the dealership or an authorized locksmith. The reason it is so important to work with knowledgeable, qualified businesses to replace your Chevy key is that acquiring the fob is only one part of the equation. Once it is received, you also need to have the fob properly programmed for your specific vehicle.

Chevy vehicles built after 2006 may have a transponder component as part of their keyless entry and operating system. Because this is a more sophisticated arrangement, you will need to work with a Chevy dealership to replace or duplicate your key.

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