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Getting New, Extra, or Replacement Toyota Keys

March 1, 2021

Every vehicle brand has its unique features and repair concerns. If you own a Toyota vehicle and need to replace a key or acquire a spare, there are some issues specific to your car brand that are helpful to know.

Toyota has been a popular worldwide brand for a long time. If you own a Toyota that was between 1998 and 2004, you own a car with one of the earliest versions of a car or truck computer. This is known as an ECU, which controls your car’s key functions. In earlier models, access to the ECU may only be possible through an authorized dealer, so you may want to do a little research on your vehicle. If this problem affects your Toyota model, getting a replacement key will require a process called flashing. This can be done at a dealership or more inexpensively at a qualified locksmith.

For newer models, you can get replacement keys from a Toyota dealership, a qualified locksmith, or by purchasing replacements online and having them programmed locally. However, it’s important to know that Toyota employs different transponder types for their keys as an anti-theft measure. Your vehicle may have a D Chip (or dot-chip), a G Chip, or an H Chip. You can find the indication of what kind of chip you have on the metal part of your vehicle’s key. This is important to determine because these different fobs are not cross-compatible.

The best advice on key replacements for your vehicle is to do it before you need it. Having a few spares may be worth the price you pay to avoid the pressure and stress of an emergency replacement. Check with your insurance company or review your car’s warranty to see if replacements are covered. And make sure to have the proper information handy. Whether you are replacing a lost key or getting a spare, you will need to show a government ID, proof of your address and vehicle ownership, your car’s VIN, and your registration number to your service provider.

toyota key

Get Help from Your Local Locksmith

For vehicle brands with more complicated computer systems, working with a qualified locksmith like Express Locksmith in the Greater Houston area will save you time, energy, money, and stress.

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