Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key Without the Original?

June 24, 2022

There are a lot of people who lose their car keys on a regular basis, but most of the time they have just set them down in a different place than usual. They might look around frantically for a few minutes, and then their off. But what if your keys aren’t in the couch cushions or on top of the refrigerator or under that pile of mail? How are you supposed to get a copy of your car key when you’ve lost your original? While it’s easier to make a new key when you have the original, it isn’t impossible. You just need to have the right information.

Where to Go to Get Replacement Car Keys

The Car Dealership

If you bought your car at a dealership, it may make sense to you to go back to the dealer to try and get a replacement key. While this may work in many cases, it might not be the best option. It is usually expensive to get a new key from the dealership. Just because you bought your car there doesn’t mean they have a spare set of keys. They will have to contact a locksmith in order to get a replacement key, so there may be extra wait time before you have access to your car again. You’ll also pay extra because both the dealer and the locksmith will need to be paid for their work.

Going Directly to a Locksmith

It is also possible to bypass the dealership completely by contacting a locksmith yourself. While some locksmiths have limited business hours, there are others who are prepared to get you a new key at any time of day of night. In the Houston, TX area, Express Locksmith offers emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, as long as you can prove that you are the owner of the car and get the information the locksmith needs to make your new key. The necessary information to gather includes

  • The make, model, and year of the car at the time you call the locksmith
  • Your car’s registration or insurance card, and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) — the locksmith locate this on your car to verify your registration and insurance information.

If you know someone who hasn’t yet lost their keys, you may want to recommend that this information be kept together in one place.

What it Takes to Replace Your Car Keys

The type of replacement key you need for your car depends largely on the age of your vehicle. If it’s a car that was made before 1981, it will most likely need a standard key that’s not much different than your house key. Replacing keys for newer vehicles will be more complicated because they rely on more advanced technology and have components such as chips and transponders that are specific to your car. The newest cars may not have traditional keys at all. Many newer vehicles operate using key fobs that need to be programmed to communicate with your vehicle’s ignition system. Regardless of when your car was made, an automotive locksmith will need to help with the replacement.

Does Your New Key Need Reprogramming?

If you have a newer vehicle, you will need a smart key programmed so you can get back into your vehicle, but should it be reprogrammed so the original will not work? If you think your keys may have been stolen, reprogramming is a must. People who have had their car stolen often know the thief, and with the right key, all it would take to access your vehicle is knowing your parking spot. If you’re sure that the key fell down the garbage disposal or was left in a bathroom five states away, you can probably skip that step.

Contact Express Locksmith for Your Automotive Key Replacement

For many people, not being able to access their vehicle is a minor tragedy, because so much of their day-to-day life involves their vehicle. If this happens to you, it’s important to panic. Start by retracing your steps to see if there is any way you can find the key yourself, but if that’s not possible, contact Express Locksmith in Houston, TX at 832-690-1640 right away, and we’ll get working on your replacement key as soon as possible. We can also help with other types of lock emergencies, like if you’re locked out of your house, if you need to replace a master key, or if it turns out you’ve just locked your keys in the car. Contact us now!


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