The Steps to Changing a Lock

January 15, 2020

Changing locks is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your home safety. It can also be an upgrade that greatly improves convenience—it can be quite annoying to have different keys for different doors to your house, and if you have locks that have been sticking, swapping them out will make for much better functionality and much less frustration.

While you always have the option to hire a professional locksmith to come out and change the locks at your house, you can also change some simple deadbolts yourself even if you don’t have any experience doing this type of job. You can easily purchase brand-new locks for relatively low cost at local hardware stores, and the installation process doesn’t take long at all.

Here’s a quick overview of the steps involved in a lock removal in Houston, TX:

  • Purchase your new lock: Go to the hardware store and pick out a new lock for your door. Make sure it’s only keyed on one side and has a turn assembly on the other side. On the packaging you’ll see effectiveness ratings—for exterior doors, you’re going to want a lock that offers a higher level of security, and this shouldn’t cost you much more. The deadbolt kit will include the key lock cylinder, deadbolt assembly, steel strike plate, interior turn assembly and mounting hardware, as well as the corresponding key (often a pair of keys).
  • Take out the old lock: Remove the bolts or screws holding the turn assembly plate in place and remove it, then pull out the deadbolt assembly, leaving a hole in the door.
  • Remove the deadbolt: Find the screw heads holding the deadbolt plate in the door, remove those screws and pull the deadbolt out of the door. It should come out easily.
  • Insert the new deadbolt: At this point, you’ll perform all the steps in reverse, first placing in your new deadbolt. Make sure it’s facing up—most deadbolts should be labeled, but if not, you can match the new deadbolt’s orientation to the one you just pulled out. Use the included screws to firmly fasten your new deadbolt into its position.
  • Insert the new deadbolt lock: The bar that juts out from the deadbolt lock should be inserted through the channel in the deadbolt. You’ll need to position the lock so the keyhole is aligned vertically. On the back side, insert the bar into the channel at the back of the turn assembly plate, and turn that assembly plate so the top side is facing up. Twist the knob on the turn assembly to show the bolt holes, and use the bolts to fasten the entire assembly together.
  • Test your lock when complete: Before putting your tools away, make sure you’ve actually tested the lock. Use the interior turn assembly and key lock, and test them with the door closed. Make any adjustments as needed.

For more information about the various steps that go into a lock change in Houston, TX, contact the team at Express Locksmith today.

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