How Do Locksmiths Verify Ownership?

July 22, 2021

If you have trouble accessing your home, office, or vehicle, then you’ll probably reach out to a locksmith for help. At the same time, how does a locksmith know that you are actually the owner of the property? How do they know that you aren’t simply posing as someone else in order to gain unauthorized access?

Fortunately, locksmiths have a way to verify ownership before they get to work opening a specific lock. Whether you work with a commercial locksmith or a mobile locksmith, all owners will be verified before being given a master key replacement. Learn more about how locksmiths verify ownership below.

Verifying Ownership with a Residential or Commercial Locksmith

Even if you reach out to a mobile locksmith, he or she will have to verify your identity before you can get your property unlocked. Locksmiths specialize in helping people access locked vehicles, homes, and businesses. Therefore, locksmiths require people to prove they are the owners of the property before they use their professional services to get into buildings or cars. The last thing a locksmith wants to do is help people access property that doesn’t belong to them.

With all of this in mind, what information should you have to provide to your locksmith before he or she will open your property? Of course, you need to prove that you own the building or car you’re trying to access. There are a few documents you might be able to show. These include:

A Driver’s License with Your Home Address

One document you might be able to show is your driver’s license. As long as this has a street address on it that matches the address where the services are required, the locksmith is going to feel comfortable unlocking your property. Hopefully, you have your driver’s license in your wallet in your pocket or purse.

Mail That is Addressed to You

If you have been locked out of your home or office, you may still be able to access your mailbox because this is usually outside the property. Therefore, take a look at the mailbox and see if the mail has arrived today. If there is any mail in it that is addressed to you, the locksmith will feel comfortable unlocking your property.

The Title or Deed to the Property

You can also show the locksmith the title or deed to your property. If you have this on you, this will be more than sufficient for the locksmith to unlock the property. Unfortunately, this is often located inside the vehicle a property that has been locked. Some locksmiths might feel comfortable unlocking the property as long as you can show him or her the title or deed once he or she is done.

These are a few of the ways you can demonstrate property ownership before the locksmith will unlock the property. This is important for making sure that people are not taking advantage of the services of a locksmith in order to access property that does not belong to them.

What if You Aren’t the Owner?

Even if you are not the owner, you may still have permission to access the property. For example, you may be an employee who is locked out of your building or commercial vehicle. If that is the case, you will need to get permission from the owner to get the services of a locksmith. You will also need to get a letter of authorization from the owner and proof of ownership from the listed owner.

If you do not have the authorization, the locksmith will not be able to provide you with his or her services. Even though it might seem like a challenge to collect all of this information, this is also critical for a professional locksmith. He or she has to follow the standards of best practice. Without these rules, people may try and scam a locksmith in order to access the property illegally.

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Ultimately, you should feel comfortable reaching out to a professional locksmith because he or she is going to make sure that your property is protected against unauthorized access. If you have been locked out of your property, you should reach out to a professional locksmith for help. That is where our professional team can help you.

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