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How Do I Get a New, Extra, Replacement Key for My BMW?

February 8, 2021

How Do I Get a New, Extra, or Replacement Key for My BMW?

According to a recent news article, about 30% of car owners misplace their keys every week. Sometimes it’s a temporary annoyance, but with a little pre-planning, vehicle owners can prevent it from being a day-ruining event. The best way to make this happen is by getting an extra key as a back-up.

Every year, vehicles get more technologically sophisticated and what used to be a simple metal key continues to evolve as a smart fob with many functions. To acquire a new or replacement key for your BMW, you have three options:

  • You can work with your local BMW dealership.
  • You can work with a local locksmith company that is qualified to reproduce and program BMW keys and fobs.
  • You can order a “blank” replacement key and fob online, which you will take to a dealership or local locksmith for programming and cutting after it arrives.

For any of these options, you will need to have your own identifying information like the VIN for your BMW, as well as the year and model. You will also need to have your government ID and personal information that proves you are the owner of the vehicle. This sounds like common sense, but in the event that you’re seeking a new key after locking yourself out, knowing what is needed and having that information ready will make getting a replacement faster. This can help to make the situation less stressful.

If you need the replacement in an emergency and decide to use a dealership, keep in mind that you may have to tow your vehicle to the dealership for them to work on your replacement key. By using the services of a qualified local locksmith, they can come to you, saving time, additional money and reducing your stress.

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Contact the Professionals

The best option, whether you are planning ahead or working through an emergency, is to have the phone number of a versatile Greater Houston area locksmith that can provide all of the vehicle key replacement services you’ll ever need. Express Locksmith is available 24/7, with advice online or by phone by calling us directly at 832/690-1640. No need to wait until losing your keys puts you in a tight spot. With a little preplanning, you can have a replacement key made to give you insurance against loss.

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