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How Can a Locksmith Help You with Access Control?

July 25, 2022

If you are a business owner or property owner, security is a top priority. With crime on the rise, it is more important than ever that property and business owners stay on top of security measures. This is vital to both your property, your employees, and anyone who might be on your property.

One of the best ways to increase your security measures is by utilizing an access control system or a door access system. It is important that you fully understand how these systems work and why they are a good security investment before you put money into the system. This quick guide will help you learn more about this great security option. Keep reading to learn more from the professionals at Express Locksmith.

What is a Door Access System?

A door access system is a type of security measure that allows you to control who can enter your building. Although today, business owners are often concerned about cyber security threats, the first line of defense is still managing who enters your business.

Not only will a door access system protect your property from intruders or other unauthorized visitors, but it can even assist with cutting down on employee misconduct as well.

A door access system is installed at entrance points throughout the business. An individual can only enter the access point if they have approved credentials. This puts you in charge of who can enter your business area.

Why Does My System Need Updating?

If you are using outdated access control models, it could place your business in danger. Let’s look at a few types of outdated models.

Sign in- For many years, businesses and organizations tried to secure a premise by simply having employees, visitors and others check in with the front desk receptionist. It was their job to ensure that the person seeking access was approved to enter. There are many security issues with this method. If an unsavory person is already in the reception area, it is very easy to cause harm or force their way further into the place of business.

Keys- Old-fashioned keys and locks are another method of access. Keys and locks are outdated because keys can easily be duplicated. Keys can also be lost and having replacement keys takes time and money. If there is a security breach involving lost or stolen keys, you may be faced with the need to get your locks changed. Again, this can be expensive.

What are Access Credentials?

Access credentials are a way of approving an individual for entrance. This can be done in a few different ways. You can grant access by distributing a keycard to the individual. This keycard will allow access to the building or certain areas of the building.

Another way to grant access is through keycodes. Keycodes can be used on keypads that are installed at entrance/exit points.

There are pros and cons to each type of credential. Keycards are often an inexpensive and simple way to grant access. Keycards can be activated and deactivated remotely to allow employers and management ultimate security. Keycards can get lost, however.

Keycodes are the most inexpensive option as you will not need to invest in keycards. However, keycodes are easily forgotten. You will need to talk with the commercial locksmith company you are working with to discuss which type of credential might be right for your company.

Benefits of Access Door Control

The most obvious benefit is the increased security on your property. There are other benefits as well.

Simplified management- You can simplify many management tasks when you use a door access control system. When new members join your team, you can grant them access quickly and easily by simply issuing a keycard or by issuing a keycode. In like manner, if you have a team member leaving, you can quickly deactivate their access to the building as well.

Emergency management- This type of system also makes it easier to manage the security of your building in an emergency. For example, if there is a fire, you can immediately and remotely unlock all doors and exits to allow everyone a safe exit. If employees are required to find their keys and unlock doors to allow themselves out, this could prove dangerous.

If there is a security breach on the property, you can quickly secure doors and employees by locking up the premises to keep an attacker out.

Monitor activity- You can also monitor employee activity more easily when you can see who is entering and exiting the building or entering and exiting certain areas of the building.

Honest Evaluations

To keep your security top-notch, it is vital that you evaluate the real state of your security. Many business owners try to avoid this because they do not look forward to investing more money in their security.

It is true that security is an investment of money. However, you must also consider the risks you are taking by not investing properly. You run the risk of injury to your employees, and loss to your company through burglary or violence, not to mention liability if people are injured on your property due to outdated security. When you look at it from this perspective, you really can’t afford to not update security.

The Bottom Line

A door access control system can increase the security of your entire property. It can help to streamline many management tasks, and it can protect your company from future loss. A local locksmith can help you understand your door access control options in Houston. Our locksmith experts can help you with many types of security issues. Working with a professional locksmith team is a great way to increase your company’s security and better protect your business and assets. Contact us in Houston, TX today. We will be happy to answer your questions.


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