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Can a Locksmith Unlock a Door?

January 23, 2023

Yes. If you are locked out of your home, business, or vehicle, a locksmith can unlock that door.

Getting locked out of your home or car is stressful and scary.

That’s why it’s good to know that a professional locksmith can unlock the door so that you can get back inside.

Whether you live by yourself in an apartment or your family lives in a private home, keep in mind that your local locksmith has the tools to get you back inside.

If you get out of your car when you arrive at your destination and you lock your keys inside, your Houston locksmith, Express Locksmith, is available 24/7 to help you as fast as possible.

How does a locksmith unlock your door?
There are several ways a locksmith can unlock your door. These include assessing, lockpicking, bypassing, destructive entry, or making new keys.

Assessing the Lock
Before unlocking your home door, a locksmith needs to determine the reason it isn’t opening properly.

They examine the lock to learn the best way to open it. If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, your locksmith will tell you which options you have for unlocking it.

If your lock isn’t working for another reason than a missing key, a professional locksmith can still open it for you.

The locksmith will quote you a price for the assessment before starting and then will quote you a price for each option to unlock the door.

Prices are determined by time, how long the service will take, and any materials used to replace your key or lock, if necessary.

Picking the Lock
Picking the lock is the easiest and least destructive method of opening a lock if you don’t have the key. The locksmith may have a skeleton key for your lock or use lock-picking tools to open it. This method generally works for residential locks. However, if you have a high-security lock, then this method won’t work.

Bypassing the Lock
If your lock doesn’t use a key for locking, then you can’t pick the lock. Picking uses the keyway to open the lock. But the locksmith may be able to bypass the lock. A locksmith has special tools for bypassing various lock brands and the training to open each brand, so they can do the job efficiently.

Destructive Entry
If the lock can’t be picked or bypassed, then the next option is a destructive entry. While it sounds scary, destructive entry means that a locksmith will use a drill or another tool to destroy the locking mechanism, so that the door opens. Even if the lock is resistant to destruction, a locksmith will know where it has weak points so it can be opened.
The last resort is breaking your lock because it requires replacement parts which add to the time and material costs.

Making Keys
If your lock is patented, it may have an individual key code, allowing a locksmith who is a brand expert to make a new key.

Another method of making new keys is called impressioning a lock. This technique requires a soft key blank that can be inserted in the lock.

Once inserted, the key blank is impressed with the shape it needs to open the lock. The blank is then filed down according to the impression and then used to make a new key.

If you break off the key in your lock, the locksmith can extract it, then use the code or impressioning to make a new one.

Another option is removing the key mechanism and putting in a new one that needs a new key. Most modern locksmiths use a key-cutting machine to make the keys.

Is rekeying a lock safe?
Yes. Rekeying is totally safe. Rekeying is the process of taking out the key locking mechanism from the old lock and then replacing it with a new mechanism. The new mechanism requires a new key. The original key will be obsolete.

How do I find a reputable locksmith?
Finding a reputable locksmith is crucial, so when searching for a local locksmith, check listings to see if they are licensed and insured. For instance, Express Locksmith is licensed and insured to work in Houston. TX. You can also use services like Angi to find someone. Look for a locksmith with high ratings and reviews in your local area.

Is becoming a locksmith worth it?
This question can really only be answered by you. But locksmiths are needed for both private and business concerns. A locksmith usually works as part of a construction and repair team or by themselves. Some locksmiths may be affiliated with a local hardware store.

Many locksmiths work alone and create their own schedules. While working alone can be flexible, if you want to provide a service 24/7, you will get calls any time of day or night. A good locksmith is a trusted source of a service that is necessary for any locale.

While you may think of a locksmith as a type of repair service, they also are involved in new construction in residential and commercial buildings. Locksmiths who work in commercial settings generally make a higher salary than residential locksmiths. However, it’s best to consult with locksmiths in your area to determine financial compensation in Houston, TX.

What does a Grade 3 lock mean?
Locks are graded by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as to how secure they are. Grade 1 is the most secure. Grade 3 is the least secure.

A standard tubular lock is usually a Grade 3. To get a higher grade, locks require extra features, superior manufacturing, and extra-tough metal alloys.

Not all locks in a construction project say what their grade is. You may need to ask the workman installing them.

Do you need an experienced locksmith right now?
No matter the reason, if you need an expert locksmith right now because you’ve locked yourself out of your car, contact Express Locksmith.

They can get you back into your car ASAP. If you need a locking system for your office or a high-security lock for your home, Express Locksmith in Houston will provide efficient professional services to solve your need.


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