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5 Ways Commercial Locksmiths Grow Their Business

September 2, 2022

Commercial locksmithing is more complex than it looks on the outside. Changing the locks or installing new ones on a business’s doors is only part of the job but repairing broken keys and installing new locks also helps maintain trust with customers, keeps businesses secure, and keeps operations going efficiently. To compete in this extremely competitive industry, you must know where to invest your resources most effectively. Here are some ideas from Express Locksmith for expanding your commercial locksmith service:

Diversify Your Services

If you want to grow your business, you need to diversify. You can do this by offering different types of locks and services. For example, if you only sell keyless entry systems because that’s what your competitors do, consider adding other lock types like mortise locks and deadbolts.

Specializing in particular industries or business types is another way to expand your service options. For instance, an automotive locksmith may offer specialized services to dealership owners with many sites in the city. A business locksmith may offer access control systems for residential complexes with many buildings sharing a central entrance. If you can customize your products or services to businesses within a given industry, there are numerous ways in which this will set your firm apart from other commercial locksmiths in the area.

Focus on Marketing

When it comes to growing a business, marketing is key. The most successful companies in the world have a marketing strategy and plans. This can encompass everything from social media posts to billboard and television adverts. Regardless of the size of your business, you should do all possible to promote yourself, including employing the best available locksmithing products.

You can also improve your overall marketing by looking at where other businesses are advertising their products and services and finding ways to stand out from them by reaching out directly through email or phone calls instead of relying solely on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram posts.

Leverage Social Media

Social networking has evolved into an effective tool for establishing credibility in your organization. Even if you don’t want to advertise on social media, you must build a community through it so that your customers know who you are and how they can get in touch with you when they need help. This can be done by creating company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, providing locksmithing-related content, and connecting with others.

If done correctly, this will strengthen the relationship between yourself and your customers, which is vital if you want them to return once their lock problems have been solved. It also gives potential clients who haven’t heard of your business yet an opportunity to see what kind of workmanship or service standard they should expect from dealing with someone like your company.

Send Out Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an excellent method for staying in touch with clients. You can use it to promote new services and discounts and launch your new website or blog.

The most important thing when sending out an email newsletter is to ensure you don’t spam people. Sending emails every two weeks or even less frequently is the optimal method for achieving this goal. That way, they won’t feel inundated by emails from you, but they’ll still have enough information coming through their inboxes to remember who you are and what your business does.

Build an Online Presence

A commercial website is a crucial asset for any business, but it can be especially advantageous for commercial locksmiths. The internet has become an essential facet. Therefore, you must have a presence there, not only for customer service. You must develop a website highlighting your products and services and what makes your firm special. If feasible, ensure that reviews of your organization are easily accessible online, so visitors can make well-informed choices about whether or not to work with you.

Your website should clearly describe the services you provide and available resources. Possessing a solid brand identity that accurately represents your company’s values is essential. A decent logo will also aid in this endeavor.

What Does Commercial Locksmith Mean?

A commercial locksmith is a professional who installs and repairs locks, safes, and other security products. They can also repair or replace broken door hardware, including handles and hinges.

Commercial locksmiths are responsible for making sure that your business is secure. They work with people who run large buildings or spaces, such as schools and malls. They may also work on the doors at your house or apartment.

What Are the Different Types of Locksmiths?

Locksmiths can be broken down into two categories: commercial and residential locksmiths. You may have heard of them both, but what are the differences?

Commercial Locksmiths: These individuals will be dispatched to your place of business if there is a problem with its locks or if it has other security requirements. They will examine the situation and suggest solutions for resolving the issue, typically by installing new locks or altering old ones to better suit the demands of your organization.

Residential Locksmiths: They assist homeowners in repairing problems with their home security systems, including doors, windows, and garages. They can replace doorknobs, install deadbolts, and repair door frames if they are damaged.

How Much Does a Commercial Lock Cost?

Locksmiths may be hired to install a variety of locks for commercial enterprises, from master key systems to high-security locks. The price depends on the type of lock, the door’s size, and the door’s placement.

The price range for locks is $40 to $120 per keyless entry lock. Therefore, you may be required to pay more if you require additional keys or if your doors are built of high-quality materials. In addition, it is essential to budget for installation, maintenance, and repair charges if something goes down during ownership.

Secure Your Property and Assets

Commercial locksmiths are vital to commercial property security because their services go beyond residential security. They can provide your commercial property’s solution, whether a physical lock, electronic access control, or a master key system. The best way for business owners to get started is to contact us at Express Locksmith, a locksmith company dedicated to serving businesses and protecting property values.


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