High- Security Locks Houston

It is easy to get into a situation where you need the help of a locksmith. Whether you leave the house without your keys or lock your car without realizing the keys are inside, people get locked out of their property every day. Unfortunately, these problems tend to occur when you have no time to spare or already have a busy day planned so you do not have time to deal with delays.

When you need the services of a locksmith, you do not want to have to wait for a long time and miss the rest of your appointments. Our express locksmith service helps you get the situation resolved quickly and get back to your normal day. Plus, we keep our prices reasonable, even for emergency calls.

Contact Express Locksmith of Houston anytime you need locksmith services due to a lockout, change in living situation or another unexpected circumstance. Our team is here to help home and business owners anytime, including evenings, overnight hours, weekends, and on holidays. Check out our reviews from previous customers who talk about our fast service and affordable pricing.

High Security Locks

High-security locks provide an extra layer of safety for home and business owners who have a property in high crime areas or simply want an extra level of protection to feel more secure. These are locks and keys that offer a superior level of key control and have a more secure and complex lock cylinder inside, which makes them harder for criminals to pick. High-quality locks that provide increased security are tested and rated by the manufacturer, and though they might look the same to you from the outside, the experienced eye can distinguish the upgraded security features. The only way to ensure that you are really having a high-security lock installed is to have the installation done by an experienced locksmith who can help you choose the right lock, install and test the lock assembly and ensure it works properly before leaving.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

    If you are having trouble accessing your home, business location or even your car, you do not want to have to wait until business hours start to get help. That is why we are available anytime you need us, whether day or night. Simply call us anytime you need the services of an experienced locksmith and we will dispatch a member of our team to help you immediately.

    Key Duplication

    Regardless of the kind of key you have, our experienced team members can make a duplicate for you while you wait. From old fashioned keys that open classic locks to modern keys that incorporate the latest technology, we have both the skill and tools to easily make copies for you. Our mobile locksmith service can make you a spare key to gain access to your vehicle if the keys are locked inside or cut the keys to allow you to get back into your home within minutes of arrival.

    Lock Replacement

    Replacing a lock at your home or office is a simple process for our experienced team. We can upgrade your lock to a newer model one that provides a higher level of security so that you can feel better protected when we leave. This process is done quickly but with the utmost attention to your door and the doorframe so there is no damage left behind.


    There are many times in life that you may need to revoke access to your property, whether it’s due to a guest overstaying their welcome in your home, a renter being evicted from your rental property or a long-term employee leaving your business. Instead of having the entire lock replaced, the faster and more affordable choice is often to have the lock re-keyed. During this process, the locksmith replaces the inside portion of the lock so that the old keys cannot be used to access the property. This can be completed quickly and without any adjustments being made to the door surface itself. We can easily complete this process for you at a residential or commercial location.

If you need locksmith services in a hurry in the Houston area, contact Express Locksmith today to get fast, friendly help from our qualified team.